We have the solution to your garbage bin problems.

Why this is so important...

Now, more than ever during this pandemic, disinfecting and sanitizing matters for your family. Trash & recycle bins are smelly, dirty, and messy breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and maggots. Without proper sanitation, these problems can only get worse.

Cleaning your own trash can is a most unpleasant experience. Cold water from your garden hose may not adequately sanitize your bins and trying to do it yourself, could lead to significant water runoff which could be harmful to your neighborhood and environment.

What we do....

With state of the art, and eco-friendly technology, we come to your house and clean your bins. After making sure that there is no lose debris, your cans are hydraulically lifted into a hopper.  With ZERO chemicals, your cans are deep cleaned using high pressure, spinning heads and 220 degree plus water.  After our equipment completes this cycle, we return your bins to the curb where they are deodorized and inspected by our service provider.

How the schedule works...

We offer a once a month or quarterly cleaning service, and for your convenience, we perform this service on the same day that your trash is picked up. After we complete your first month’s service, you will be texted and/or emailed your invoice with a secure link to submit payment. We’ll return each month according to your selected service and you will not be billed until your service is completed each month.

Your bins are clean. No mess left behind.

Your bins are left sanitized, disinfected and deodorized using a self-contained  cleaning system. Your bins will thank you…and so will your family. Because the dirtiest part of your property just got a lot cleaner.

Powerwashing/surface cleaning services

Additional Services

Master Blasters Co offers a wide range of power washing and surface cleaning services to meet your company’s needs. Our highly trained and experienced teams, along with our specialized equipment handle technical jobs with ease, in a safe and efficient manner. We provide reliable and friendly service to both residential and commercial properties.

Services we provide:

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